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  • Organized at the
    Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

  • Fitting for casual gamers, rising talents and pro players

  • Must be 16+ of age to apply

  • Up to 5 ECTS credits can be received

  • All lectures are held in English

  • Bring Your Own Computer!

  • Includes Tournament participation 5.7-7.7.2019

  • Organized at the
    Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

  • Game(s): League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Professional and upcoming teams battle over the weekend

  • Prize pool: TBA

  • Tournament participation fee 100€*

    • Tournament participation fee for teams who are not invited, qualified from qualifier or haven't participated in bootcamp​​​

                      "This bootcamp has been a life-changing
                          experience that I will always remember" 
                                              Alejandro, bootcamp participant 

''What @NESA_academy are doing with their #esport summer school with academic certifications is really wonderful 😎👍'' 
''Nordic Esports Academy hands down the best event where i have been,
      big tables,own computers, good chairs, free water/food, no delays 5/5'' 
                                                                                         Olli Havisto‏ @InsesCSGO 

              "Great opportunity to improve skills and mindset.
                           Would recommend to any aspiring gamer" 
                                                     Samuel, bootcamp participant 



Niclas Haagensen
Niclas ”Creed” Haagensen: The 30 year old veteran makes the full transition to coaching. Having played the game for more than 15 years he has developed many teams and talents during his career. Known for his strategy development, keen observations and pattern recognition, Creed has been among top 5 in Denmark for 5 years consecutively with talents such as dupreeh, vnG and orga. Now he has taken a step back from playing competitively and puts his energy into developing the players of tomorrow by
Mia Stellberg
Mia Stellberg is a licensed psychologist with a long history of working with athletes in Olympics as well as eSports. As the team psychologist of Team Astralis she was a key element in bringing them their first major CS:GO championship in 2017.
Niklas Pehkonen
Niklas Pehkonen is the current eSports manager at team SuperJymy and also works as an eSports coach at the Vuokatti-Ruka Sports Academy.

Pehkonen has a Bachelor’s degree in business administration as well as a long history with Counter-Strike. He has experience working as both as a coach and a manager, and has been involved in many different eSport projects. At NeSA, Niklas will be lecturing about team organizations and player branding.
Mikko Meriläinen
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