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Unique once-in-a-lifetime

esports bootcamp

The Nordic Esports Academy bootcamp is organized in the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences campus area. Separate facilities are secured for the bootcamp to ensure participants have uninterrupted lectures, coaching sessions, Internet access and other important commodities.

The bootcamp is open to all games and genres, not limited by your player ranking or skill. Our coaches have broad experience in esports, both in general and in specific titles, and are able to offer quality coaching no matter the game. Lectures during the bootcamp are divided into five relevant topics, which will help you get the most out of every aspect of esports.

Please check out the accommodation page to see options for your stay here in Kajaani. For more information about the modules, timetables and course options, look below.

We look forward to seeing you in Kajaani!

Kajaani? Where is that?

Nordic Esports Academy is being organised in the heart of Kainuu region, in Finland.

Bootcamp options

The full NESA 2019 bootcamp will run for a total of two weeks, culminating with a tournament during the final weekend. Additionally we have added option for team bootcamps meaning that participating teams will get cheaper prizes! Come with your team or team up with your friends to ensure cheaper prizes and maximum fun for the duration of the bootcamp.

NESA Bootcamp will run from 24.6 until 4.7. The price for the bootcamp is 100€ + 75€ for the open studies. Optionally you can choose to include in your experience food, accommodation and/or computer rent. The food option includes breakfast, lunch and snacks in the evening. Accommodation includes a basic room and a bed (bring your own bed linen!). We also offer limited amount of computers for rental. 

Please see our webstore for prices and details of the optional choices!



24.6. - 4.7.2019

175 € *




Computer Rent


Bootcamp for five

24.6. - 4.7.2019

800 € *

ECTS Credits

* Please note that the fee for open studies is 15€ / 1 ECTS credit. 5 Credits = 75€. Bootcamp fee 100€ is paid separately or 85€ for participants participating in a team. 

Succesfully participating and completing the NESA bootcamp will award you with ECTS credits. 

The total amount of ECTS credits you may earn for the full bootcamp is 5.

Credits can be earned through assignments and tasks during the bootcamp.

Course modules


09:00 - 11:00

                             11:00 - 12:00

12:00 - 17:00

17:00 - 24:00


                            10:00 - 02:00

Monday - Friday

Lectures and Workshops

Lunch Break

Gameplay coaching

Free time / Supervised activities



Saturday and Sunday

Free time

Lectures and Workshops

Presented by experts from the gaming, business and sports industry.

Lunch break

The on-campus restaurant FoX offers paid meals for participants. Student card discounts apply!

A kitchen with appliances is available for making food.

Free time / Supervised activities

Participants can choose how to spend this time. They will have access to their computers and can continue to play. Organized activities for team building and regaining focus.

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