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Thank you for NeSA 2018!

The second NeSA bootcamp was successful, delivering a worthwhile experience to our participants. Numerous guest coaches and lecturers visited our bootcamp through the duration of 4 weeks, including coaches like Niclas "Creed" Haangensen as well as psychologist Mia Stellberg from team Astralis at the time. 

During the bootcamp our participants studied a variety of topics, ranging from physical wellbeing to eSports business. The students also practiced their skills constantly. After lectures, the evenings were spent training and analyzing results with the coaches present. The evenings also had activities such as football and archery for refocus in gaming. The most played game was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but other titles were popular among the budding pros as well.

At the end of it all the final weekend culminated with HAVU Gaming again taking the title of NeSA champion, and the grand prize, in our NeSA CS:GO tournament. Congratulations!

We say welcome to new participants and challengers as well as existing ones in 2019. You cannot participate NeSA enough times! but for now check out some photos below!

   Speakers 2018   

   Partners 2018   

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